ella-by-caroline-leestars-4-0._V192240704_I read this book in one evening—It is a delightful modern-day version of Cinderella. There are no glass slippers here—Ella wears a worn pair of cowboy boots. The stepmother is replaced by a stepfather who worked her mother to death and then slotted Ellen into her place to do the cooking, cleaning, and catering to her stepsisters. Fearing that Ella will meet someone and leave, he keeps her isolated on the ranch and has someone assigned to watch her constantly.

Ella’s Prince Charming is a war veteran, who had come to town a few years ago and started a business. He has isolated himself from the community because he cringes from the look on peoples face when they see his impairment. He lives by himself, with a circle of dogs who are also damaged.

This is heart warming story –the Cinderella theme is obvious, but the characters and the situation are unique and very different than the original ones. I felt for Ella, resented her sisters, was glad that she found a couple of allies, in spite of her evil stepfather. I liked Ian Crowne a lot. Together he and Ella found the possibility of something that they never imagined could exist…if Ella could ever break away from her prison to be with him.

If I had one complaint, it was that the book isn’t very long; yet when I thought about that, I realized that it didn’t need to be any longer.  The story was complete.

I highly recommend this for an afternoon break—or a space of time when you want to be carried away to another world for a few hours!

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