Capitol Angst

I enjoyed this political thriller very much. It is full of action, mystery, intrigue and conspiracy.
I am not a very political person: largely because my respect for the political system has completely eroded.  But this book did make me think about how much we take for granted, how easily we really are led by people who are promoted cleverly: how easily our freedom could be swept away without a protest: a peaceful succession to anarchy.

The majority of us would not realize what had happened until it was too late, because we do not want to believe it could happen in North America.  The people in power would all deny it and label any protestor as a nutjob; a conspiracy theorist.

A thought provoking idea.

The characters in this book were well rounded and believable for me. The plot kept me turning the page from beginning to end.

I am looking forward to reading the next book.  I am hoping that “the people” will wake up and fight for what every one wants to keep: FREEDOM.

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