The Jackpot

How many of us dream of having the winning lottery tickets? You might think twice after reading “The Jackpot”! This was a riveting story from the first paragraph and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I read until late at night to discover how it would end.

Julius Wheeler hasn’t had an easy life. He has spent time in prison and is trying to live life on the right side of the law now. He works twenty hours a week, making eight dollars an hour,as a member of the CleanSweep work crew, cleaning a large law firm. He lives in a crumbling housing project just inside the eastern border of Richmond, Virginia. The people in the project are poor and many are of a criminal element.

He buys a lottery ticket and to his disbelief, realises that it is the $415 million winning ticket in the SuperLotto. When he realises what he has, he also realises that the people he keeps company with would steal it from him:even kill him for it. He flees for his life…and the safety of his ticket.

He is dumbfounded by his good fortune, but frightened too. He is not sure what he should do next. He thinks he might need the advice of a lawyer, so the next evening while he is at work he sees one of the attorneys in the firm in her office.

Samantha Khouri has had a bad day. She has just been turned down for the partnership that she has worked herself into the ground for the past eight years. She had been certain it was hers and she is devastated. She realizes that the firms decision is going to change her life, kicking her down into a unacceptably lower income level and forcing her to look for a job else where to selvage her self respect. She is licking her wounds in her office when he stops in.

Can Julius trust her? Well he has to trust somebody; so he tells her his story and shows her the ticket.

The plot of this book is a roller coaster ride of adventure, deceit, greed, fear, murder and intriguing characters. It is an intriguing look at the strange things that money does to people; rich and poor alike. After all the crazy, deadly, humorous twists and turns, I would never have anticipated the ending!

I recommend it as a great read to anyone who likes face paced legal thriller.

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my toast to you ; enjoy a wonderful book!