wind-river-wrangler-wind-river-series-book-1-lindsey-mckenna3-starsShiloh Gallagher is a best selling, romance writer. She has had a traumatic past—she had an abusive stepfather, who eventually killed her mother in front of her. Her testimony sent him to jail. For the last six months, she has been terrorized by a stalker—phone calls, turning door knobs and a knowing that someone is outside her door. Gradually she quits running in the park; she has her necessities delivered, so she doesn’t have to go out. Her fear makes her a prisoner in her apartment. And she can not longer concentrate to write. Finally, she can not stand the pressure. She slips away to Wyoming—to find shelter with Maud Whitcomb at Wind River Ranch. Maude had invited her many times, but Shiloh had loved her apartment in New York, and she didn’t want to leave.

Roan Taggart has a Special Ops background. He is well disciplined, alert and aware. Now he works as a wrangler at Wind River Ranch. He has had many women, but nothing serious. He is surprised at the strange attraction that he feels for Shiloh.

However, Shiloh’s stalker hasn’t given up. After a few weeks of peace, one day she senses his presence. She is terrified and confides in Roan. Roan takes her to the police so she can tell them what has been happening in her life. They start an investigation, and Roan vows to protect her until the danger is neutralized.

Shiloh knows she can never return Roan’s feelings until the stalker is captured.

This was an okay book. The plot was interesting, but Shiloh referenced too much from the point of view of being a romance writer. It began to feel disingenuous to me.

I read so many books; I may have become pickier than other readers. You may love the book.

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